Park Hyung Sik for OAKLEY Sunglasses.

"Let’s multiply the happiness by 12, divide the sadness by 12, and go forward well." When our 12 shining stars are together, the sky’s galaxy’s the limit! Happy 2nd anniversary to the most wonderful boys and let’s continue making history~ 엑소 사랑하자! 

EXO choreography points [2012-2014]


I have a thing for Suho’s hands… seriously, just look at what they are attached too!

 (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


i’ve unintentionally fallen in love with you... 
and now i’m only falling deeper and deeper
by your every smile;
every breathe;
every heartbeat;
"Fans that never meet us are the special ones" - Suho